Kubota 2-year warranty as standard

All Kubota tractors and grounds care machines come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty as standard* – offering exceptionally good value- which is testament to Kubota’s unparalleled engineering excellence and reliability.

*Conditions apply to the 2nd year – get in contact for more details.

Kubota 5-year extended warranty

The Kubota Care programme does what it says; ensures your machine is cared for against any unforeseen expensive repair costs during the first 5 years of its life. You simply decide your service hour usage so you only pay for the hours you will use.

Kubota Care

Benefits of Kubota Care

  • Only Kubota genuine parts (such as filters) will be used during any servicing or repair maintenance.
  • Kubota lubricants must be used at all times, ensuring maximum reliability and performance from your Kubota machine.
  • Peace of mind for the usage hours you have purchased during the full 5 year period.
  • You can part exchange your machine at any time for another Kubota machine and reap the benefits of this program.
  • Enhanced resale value (only if a full dealer service history is available) at any time during the 5 year term.

How does it work?

  • Kubota Care should be applied for at the time of the machine purchase and covers repair costs for an additional 36 month period for 5 years and/or a maximum of 5,000hrs use. (terms and conditions apply as per the 24 month/2000hr warranty cover)

  • Cost is relative to the hours usage purchased from: 2,000hrs (Free of Charge 24 months), 3,000hrs, 4000hrs or 5000hrs being premium payable, with a standard fixed period of 5 years.

  • If your forecasted use is only 3,000hrs over a 5 year period, your Kubota Care premium and service costs will of course also be lower.

What is the service contract?

  • Under a “Service Contract”, all major service/maintenance will be carried out by the supplying authorised Kubota dealer during the 5 year Kubota Care period.
  • You pay only for those major service requirements for the hours usage purchased.

What will it cost?

  • Kubota Care premium depends upon model and hour usage against the tractor RRP for 5 year cover.
  • Service maintenance and/or contract costs will be dependent upon hour usage.
  • Please see your dealer for full details.

Kubota Care Extended Warranty

MODEL HOUR USAGE (or 5 years whichever comes first)
M series 5000
L series 3500
RTV-X series 2500